1) Named developer license.
The license is bound to one specific developer or build server. Thus if there are two developers (or automatic build servers) that both need to develop using kbmMW, two NDL licenses are needed, regardless if they do not use the framework concurrently. NDL licenses can only be transferred between developers after prior written agreement with Components4Developers, and only if the transfer is permanent (for example due to change of developer on a project etc.). After a license transfer, the original license holder no longer holds a license.

2) Service and Update subscription.
The service and update period for an NDL license can be extended in batches of 12 months from the expiration date of the previous SAU period. If multiple NDL licenses are expiring then multiple SAU extensions must be purchased matching the number of licenses. Purchasing a SAU automatically signs you up for a yearly autorenewing subscription. You will be notified by email shortly before a renewal is about to happen, to allow you to cancel the renewal if you so desire. You can also choose to cancel the renewal immediately after purchase of the SAU, but please remember that you may then loose access to updates when your SAU period expires.

Please notice that since the products are delivered with source,
we do not offer any return options. You may choose to try out our free kbmMW CodeGear Edition (where applicable) to see some of the available features, or ask us about specific feature requirements before deciding to purchase.

Product New NDL1) +12mo SAU2)
kbmMW™ Enterprise Edition license US$ 638 US$ 318
kbmMW™ Professional Edition license US$ 378 US$ 188
6 months SAU is included with each new NDL.
There are no runtime royalties for compiled applications.
Includes source.
Includes kbmMemTable Professional Edition
Product upgrades Price per NDL1)
Upgrade from  kbmMW™ Professional Edition to kbmMW™ Enterprise Edition license US$258
Upgrade from RemObjects SDK/DA, RealThinClient, ASTA to kbmMW™ Professional Edition license US$258
Upgrade from RemObjects SDK/DA, RealThinClient, ASTA to kbmMW™ Enterprise Edition license US$516
Proof of ownership of upgradable product must be emailed to Components4Developers before or immediately after purchase.