Oct 16 2018
We have updated our web server.
July 1 2017
We have delivered BRAVICS v2 to customers.
March 20 2016
We have delivered BRAVICS v1 to customers.
Dec 19th 2013
CIS Technologies has now released version 1.1 of the MALAPS Console product. This includes inline audio alignment from our AUSIGALS technology, and will thus enable the user to handle and align audio from different sources/units automatically, as a fully integrated part of the processing chain.

The AUSIGALS technology, as part of the MALAPS Console product, can be seen here. We believe this is the strongest integrated auto-alignment/processing solution on the market today.

The stand-alone AUSIGALS products are still on track to be released in Q1 2014.

Dec 10th 2013 The strength of the MALAPS/AudioInvestigator processing is shown on a test file here.

Dec 4th 2013 AUSIGALS - our audio alignment solution - is now in beta test. AUSIGALS is designed to perfom state-of-the art alignment of all types and classes of audio signals, for audio surveillance, distributed security systems (such as those CCTV systems that are fitted with microphones), RF interception and Sonar.
Contact us for brochures, whitepapers and more information.

Nov 12th 2013 CIS Technologies ApS and Aalborg University has successfully finalized the MASATISM project. The resulting state-of-the-art algorithms have been implemented in the MALAPS Console and AudioInvestigator products, and will form part of the upcoming AUSIGALS audio alignment solution as well.

Aug 20th 2013 We are proud to annouce the release of our two latest forensic Audio packages:
  • MALAPS Console™
  • AudioInvestigator™
Contact us for details, release notes and other information.

Apr 22nd 2013 The MASATISM research project has been extended til end of 2013, in order to get the full benefits from the ongoing R&D.

Jan 2nd 2012 CIS Technologies ApS has moved to newer and larger facilities. Our new address is:
Virkevangen 48, Assentoft
DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark

Nov 2nd 2011 CIS Technologies ApS and Aalborg University, Dept. of Architecture, Design & Media Technology, have initiated a project on advanced speech processing:
  • The project MASATISM (MultiAlgoritmisk Separation Af Talere I Støjfyldte Miljøer) will focus on developing methods for extracing speech from specific speakers in acoustically noisy environments, based on state-of-the-art signal processing algorithms.
  • The Aalborg team will be lead by Associate Professor Mads Græsbøll Christensen.
  • The project is established under the "Genvej til Ny Viden" program and is funded by Central Denmark Region (Region Midtjylland) and the European Regional Development Fund (EU's Regionalfond).
Jun 29th 2011 An extraordinary general meeting has been held resulting in:
  • The share capital of CIS Technologies ApS has been expanded and the National Danish Research and Innovation Board, NOVI Innovation A/S, and Longbus Holding ApS have been added to the list of owners of the company.
  • The board members of CIS Technologies ApS have been replaced. New board members are Thor Jespersen, Niels Buus, and Poul Erik Hansen with Thor Jespersen as chairman.