MALAPS-processed audio file, with (automatic) alignment
Below an illustration of the MALAPS Console processing chain, starting with the embedded AUSIGALS audio alignment. First step is alignment, illustrating the strength of the automatic sub-sample precision of our alignment technology. Second step is signal extraction and noise reduction, enabling us to get intelligeble speech out of the original recordings.
Note: Please listen to the samples below using headphones as loudspeaker presentation will distort the perception. (The embedded player requires that your browser can play mp3 files - some browsers may prohibit this).

Two mono recordings from independent units.
After processing recording using MALAPS
Phase plot of the un-aligned files.

Stereo file after alignment
After processing recording using MALAPS
Phase plot after alignment. Note the linear phase over the entire file.

Stereo file after signal extraction and noise reduction.
After processing recording using MALAPS