Enterprise level n-tier

The worlds fastest and most flexible application server and  
integration building tools for Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi and  
C++Builder with bundled native support for Java, .Net,  embedded C,  
PHP, Adobe Flash, Apache Flex, Adobe Air, Apache Message Queue  
(AMQP), RTMP and more.

Unrivaled no. of database API's supported! 35+. Runs on  
Win32/Win64, IOS32/IOS64, Linux64, Android and OSX. 
Support for FPC available.  
Integration support via REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, AMQP,  RTMP,   
XML/JSON-RPC, WIB and proprietary high speed protocol.

High availability, loadbalancing, authentication and authorization,  
encryption, configuration, logging, auditing, LINQ, ORM,  
SmartServices, SmartBinding, SmartEvent, I18n translation of forms,  
controls and strings and much more!

Serves thousands of mission criticial installations worldwide.
kbmMW™ from only US$ 378*(US$1 for Ukraine)
kbmMemTable™ only US$ 30*
*) Per named developer. Volume discount applies
kbmFMX Pro™ only US$ 50*
Support UKRAINE!
Supporting Israel in its war against terrorism!
Oct. 7. 2023

Supporting Israel against terrorism
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