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Enterprise level n-tier

Simply the fastest and most flexible application server and  
integration building tools for Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi  
and C++Builder with bundled native support for Java, .Net,   
embedded C, PHP, Adobe Flash, Apache Flex, Adobe Air and  

Unrivaled number of database API's supported! 35+. Runs on  
Win32/Win64, IOS32/IOS64, Linux64, Android and OSX.
Support for FPC available.

Integration support via REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, AMQP,  RTMP,   
XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, WIB and proprietary high speed protocol.

Bundled high availability, security, logging, auditing, LINQ, ORM,  
SmartServices, SmartBinding and numerous encryption and  
compression options.

Serves thousands of mission criticial installations worldwide.
kbmMW™ from only US$ 378*
kbmMemTable™ only US$ 30*
*) Per named developer. Volume discount applies